Make Corrections Now and Then - To Achieve Rock Star Accuracy |

Make Corrections Now and Then – To Achieve Rock Star Accuracy

Make Corrections Now and Then- To Achieve Rock Star Accuracy

Even after training Dragon software, it’s not uncommon to still experience recognition problems.  The key to nearly 100% accuracy is correcting these issues as they occur.  Otherwise the software learns that the mistakes are acceptable – sort of like raising a child! Below are the techniques you can use based on the working style to make your Dragon software 100% accurate in your work.

Keyboard correction

We highly recommend learning the ‘hot key’ access to the correction menu.  If you are using the software’s default settings, this would be the CTRL key and minus (-) keys.  If you want to change this setting, go to ‘Options’ and select the ‘Hot Keys’ tab.  You can also create a correction icon on the DragonBar by selecting it from ‘Extras’.

Start be selecting the starting point of the dictation where you want to make changes.  Then open the “correction” menu. You should see a list of alternatives that can be reviewed by pressing the ‘down’ arrow key. Highlight the correct choice press “RETURN/ENTER”. If none of the listed alternatives are correct, simply add it to the list by typing in the correct text.

Voice command correction

To use your voice for corrections, say “Correct”, then “Select” and the text you want to correct. The “correction” menu will appear with the list of alternatives. If any one of the alternatives is the correct replacement, then say “Choose” and the index of that alternative. If the menu doesn’t have the alternative based on your context, then say “Spell That” and spell the words or word and say “OK”. After completing this, verify whether Dragon is able to use correct text in the document in place of misrecognized text.

Back dictation correction

To start the correction, go to the start of the dictation by moving the insertion point. On the DragonBar, go to Extras toolbar, Click Begin Playback, or go to the Audio menu and Click Playback. Another way to do this is by using your voice, say “Play that back”. Now press the hot key of correction when the playback of the dictation reaches the recognition error. If you are using default settings then on your numeric keypad press CTRL and minus (-) keys. If none of the alternatives are correct for your work, the click on the “Down Arrow” key, highlight your choice and press “ENTER”. If you can’t find the correct alternative in the list, then say or type the correct option and Click on the hot key “Correction”.

Using these three types of corrections whenever necessary, will help you achieve nearly 100% accuracy in your dictations. After doing corrections for a certain period, your Dragon software will be completely trained and customized for your professional needs.

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