How to effectively use vocabulary in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 |

How to effectively use vocabulary in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Dragon Medical Practice Edition consists of vocabularies that span 90 specialties and sub-specialties.  Based on the type of medical practice, physicians have to configure their software before performing medical dictations.

At first, many practitioners misunderstand the concept of the vocabulary contained within the software.  It is not only a list of words, but also a statistical database of information on how the words are used in various specialties and their importance in the reporting language. There can be many instances where physicians from various practices choose similar words during their dictations. But the difference lies in the word usage and reporting style, which directly impacts accuracy of dictations. So adding a medical term to the vocabulary would require also adding the associated surrounding statistics of the word usage; otherwise, there can be problems in interpretations. For instance, if a medical practitioner wants to dictate “supple neck with adenopathy” without the surrounding statistics the words supple and adenopathy will be considered as the nonmedical terms and get included in the nonmedical vocabulary. This will result into “supply neck with odyssey” or “supple neck with known for the” in the transcriptions. The nonmedical vocabulary mainly consists of words used for general and business usage.

As explained in the video, another way to increase the accuracy of the results is by adding more than one type of vocabulary to the user’s profile. For instance, if you are doing both medical and general dictation, adding medical specialty and general vocabulary to the profile will help you to achieve accurate interpretation of the words relative to the context.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is one of the most powerful speech recognition solutions in the world, but getting optimal efficiency takes some work, and vocabulary refinement is a key to that success.

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