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Olympus DS-7000 Digital Voice Recorder

The DS-7000 has been replaced by the DS-9500!  Click here to learn more about this new wireless Olympus digital recorder!

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The DS-7000 has been discontinued.  Click here to learn more about its replacement, the all new wireless DS-9500 Digital Recorder.


Whether capturing critical patient information, making case notes or recording a news story, you need a reliable recorder that captures conversations quickly and accurately. Enter the Olympus DS-7000. With this all-in-one tool, you can capture your thoughts quickly, place the device on the dock when the task is completed, and you’re done! It then sends the file to your transcriptionist automatically, saving you precious time.

Developed for professionals who require secure, reliable, flexible products that are simple and intuitive to use. The improved controls on the DS-7000, color LCD screen, security and enhanced battery life mark a new industry standard in professional dictation.
With the DS-7000 recording and editing is easier than ever! Offering the most comfortable slide switch in the industry to give you the perfect tool to easily manage and edit your files. Package includes all the high-tech tools needed to easily dictate, dock and automatically transfer files with full flexibility.

Enhanced operability: Improved large color display with LED backlight to easily view information at a glance. New superior microphone for optimal dictation results, advanced programmable buttons to configure in ways that fit your workflow, and the most advanced security options to keep confidential data secure.
Top rated high-quality audio, dual memory support (SD and MicroSD), centralized navigation buttons for easy data input, and simple hand operation contribute to a vast amount of features that make the DS-7000 easy to set up, configure and use.

  • New ODMS software allows users to play, edit and manage their dictations to improve efficiency and increase productivity. The software provides a robust set of tools for authors and typists as well as full integration with Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. ODMS software can be centrally managed to ensure that important dictations can always be accounted for and delivered to the right location every time..
  • No matter how hard you work, you can rest assured that your equipment will provide long lasting comfort and superior automation all the way. This is the easiest, most reliable voice recorder designed to match your style of work.
  • The Olympus DS-7000 is designed around the key aspects that benefit users the most with a large and clear color LCD screen, an easy to use four position slide switch, and centralized navigation controls for single hand operation. Outstanding audio clarity, long-lasting battery life, security options to protect confidential data and the highly ergonomic design ensures that dictating is intuitive, comfortable, and reliable.
  • The durable USB docking station and USB connector ensures fast download of dictation files. The rechargeable batteries offer up to 21 hours of operation and record times of up 300 hours with its built -in storage.
  • Full flexibility to manage dictation files from multiple users or locations in one streamlined application. The software user interface is simple and intuitive, Keeping on track has never been easier, dictation files can be sorted by the author, work type, priority, and much more.

Olympus DS-7000 Testimonials

“Amazing – I work in ways I have never been able to work before. The DS-7000 is easy to use — it feels like a micro cassette recorder but performs like an intelligent assistant.” Leslee H. – Attorney, Houston TX

Recorders.com Technical Staff Review:

The Olympus DS-7000 professional dictation recorder offers unparalleled cost-saving by automating processes that drastically slow professional offices down. It is designed for long term use and offers intuitive operation. From an IT standpoint, the software is fully customizable allowing your in-house team or the Reorders.com team to configure the application to match the desired workflow of each organization.

The DS-7000 can be configured to fit any purpose. The long-lasting battery, multiple recording formats, support for up to 10 authors and 20 work types ensures that the DS-7000 is flexible as it is reliable. Security is a key concern for any organization. For this reason the DS-7000 have been designed with an optional 4 digit pin code lock and supports 256 bit real-time encryption to prevent unauthorized access to the device and dictation files.

The DS-7000 is easy to set up, configure and use. It does not require users to change their style of work style and fits into any organization that wishes to truly reap the benefits of digital dictation. Olympus System R6 (ODMS R6) is a dictation system that supports assignments of various sizes, from individual users to multiple users. It can be used to capture audio data of highly compressed files with an Olympus recorder and allows for real-time playback, plus visual indicators for work types, priority marks and instructions.

Enhanced compatibility with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Supports automatic transcription files when paired with speech recognition software for third-party playback and correction. 5 star rated accuracy with its superb audio input capabilities. This major advancement adds a new layer of professional automation in its arsenal of high-tech document creation.

The included software can be centrally managed to ensure that dictations can always be accounted for and are delivered to the right location every time. Administrator settings can be configured as a standalone system or as a workgroup. Supports MicroSD and SD media and DSS, DS2 file formats.

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11 reviews for Olympus DS-7000 Digital Voice Recorder

  1. J Herring

    no comparison

    The recorder I purchased, the Olympus DS7000 is fantastic. There is absolutely no comparison with tape recorders and other imitation (cheap) digital recorders. I constantly use my DS7000 for dictation, recording meetings, and recording seminars.

    While the price might frighten some folks, this recorder is leading technology. And since there are few moving parts, there is little to go wrong!

    The service I received from Recorders.com was first class.

    I recommended the DS7000 to another lawyer in Nashville and he is exceptionally pleased.

  2. Jane

    the clarity is excellent

    We are happy with the recorder we purchased from recorders.com. It has seen limited usage so far, but the clarity is excellent and it is easy to work with. It’s also easy to transcribe the recorded reports. We will undoubtedly be ordering more recorders.

    Your technical service department has been most helpful. Working with them is a pleasure.

    Thanks much. Jane

  3. LT Partners, LLC

    clarity is excellent

    Discounts were great. Service is great. The digital recorders we purchased have been a remarkable purchase. User-friendly and electronic voice transfer is concise and clear. Made our switch to digital dictation a pleasant experience. Would recommend this product A+++

  4. Wendy Office Manager

    excellent support

    After 25 years of Standard Tape dictation/transcription, I found Recorders.com during an internet search. I began chatting with Chris* (I think this was her name,,,). Chris answered all my questions completely, and offered suggestions for products that would fit the process we were looking for. I was very impressed with the level of knowledge and patience with my questions. I called and ordered all the products discussed, and in speaking with (sorry, I forgot his name), I felt certain that we were ordering from the right company.

    The recorders and software all arrived in excellent condition (very rapid free shipping I might add!). After installing the software and setting up the recorders to my ability, I remembered that during both the online chat and ordering I was told that technical support was free. I immediately placed a ticket online, a very simple process. Support contacted me and over one phone call we set up 3 systems to run the automatic download of dictation. They then continued with the process, contacting our off-site transcriber and helping her walk through the process. One more short phone call, we had dictation encrypted and today we are happy as clams! The entire “Technical Support” process was the least painful I have ever had to go through. They made it very simple and worked with me to my ability. The recorders are simple, durable, and extremely fast at uploading transcription. The software is a workhorse and can do just about anything you want it to do.

    I know that in the future I will receive the same excellent support I have received during the installation process. It is difficult to order products online, from a vendor you don’t know. Recorders.com is above and beyond all others I have dealt with over the past 25 years. I would strongly encourage anyone even remotely considering audio equipment to talk with them and see what they can do for you. Absolutely a 5 star company where I am concerned! Thanks everyone!”


  5. Law Office

    exceeded my expectation

    I am the owner of a Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal software program and an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder DS-7000. My purpose in becoming involved with voice recognition was to use the recorder when away from my computer in order to take notes, dictate letters and instructions and record statements, and then transfer the text to my legal assistant’s PC. While the system of the Dragon program in combination with the recorder initially work well, eventually we (my legal assistant and I) encountered problems in transferring text on my computer to her computer. We availed ourselves to the good people at recorders.com for help in identifying the problem(s) and finding the solution. We had four potential sources of the problem, namely the Dragon program, the Olympus recorder, my laptop and my legal assistant’s PC. Recorders took the lead in identifying the problem by working with Olympus, Microsoft and the Dragon. I had the pleasure of working with and observing the competence, the empathy, with respect to my frustrations, and the dogged perseverance of the Recorders technicians as they went about their work. I especially appreciated their follow-up in checking with me on the performance of the products. We worked a lot on this complicated problem, and I got to know and appreciate, the support team. I am pleased to say that I’m now “up and running” with the software and equipment which has exceeded my expectation. I’m truly appreciative of the work of my friends at Recorders. I give them a 5 star rating!!

    Law Office of W. Kay

  6. xxxxxx

    excellent product

    I have used Olympus recorders for many years. This is the easiest, most reliable recorder that I have used.

  7. Bruce (verified owner)

    See below

    Haven’t taken it out of the box and won’t until Jan when we bring in another employee…then we’ll get both recorders on at the same time and will be calling you for help[. But salesperson over the phone was outstanding

  8. Theo

    Immediate Benefits

    Our firm was frustrated with the technology we had in place. Our assistants could not play our portable files until we were in the office, Documentation is a crucial part of our job, with the digital software, files travel securely into the office where files are shared to assigned support staff. It was easy to make our files available while traveling for immediate processing. We have seen great improvements in efficiency, the price is reasonable and we appreciate the quality of the recorders.

    We have wanted to make a move from tapes, tested dragon speech software, neither were as cost effective or simple as the Olympus mobile dictation which fits our needs very well.


  9. John P. (verified owner)

    Great product and helpful sales department

    After years of using (and losing) micro-cassettes, I was an early adopter of digital dictation. This is my third Olympus digital recorder.

    My first one still works but operates with push buttons instead of a slide-switch. I use it alot, so I upgraded to a DS-4000. I used it for many years, and it still works. The only issue is it doesn’t really work well with 64 bit computers.

    I’ve been looking at the DS-7000 for a while. Recorders.com had a great sale so I decided it was time. I called the sales department with several questions since I was considering switching over to Phillips. The rep answered all of my questions and concluded the DS-7000 was a better fit for me. Ordering was easy and it arrived just a few days later. Only took about 10 minutes to setup the software and cradle and I was dictating again.

    First impressions: I’ve very happy with the DS-7000. It’s easy to use but also has a ton of features to make power-users happy. The new Olympus software is great!

    Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase. I will be using Recorders.com next time I’m in the market for equipment.

  10. Amit (verified owner)

    Great Service !!

    Great Service !!

  11. Dr. M Sarfaz (verified owner)


    Very pleased with the DS-7000 and professionalism of recorders.com.

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