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OM System WS-882 4GB Expandable Digital Voice Recorder with Large LCD Screen and Speaker

The OM SYSTEM WS-882 is a compact and versatile stereo voice recorder, perfect for capturing personal notes and conversations on-the-go. Its innovative design and advanced technology make it ideal for students and professionals alike, ensuring high-quality recordings every time.
  • True Stereo Microphones
  • Built-In USB – No Cables Required
  • Simple Mode Made for beginners
  • Intelligent Auto Mode Recording
  • MicroSD Slot (up to 32GB)
  • Pre-set Scene Modes
  • Noise-Cancellation Playback
  • Voice Shadowing Playback
  • 4GB Built-in Memory. (store up to 1040 hrs recording)
  • Calendar Search
  • Long Battery Life (up to 110 Hours).
  • Voice Balancer Playback
  • Normalization
  • Built-In USB Data Transfer
  • Low-Cut Filter
  • Auto-Index Mode
  • Voice Changer Playback
  • Built-in Stand
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True Stereo Microphones
The two low-noise directional stereo microphones with a 90° layout deliver a superb stereo recording – perfect for capturing every detail of your personal notes, interviews or meetings. Regardless of where the person speaking is located or the direction of speech, you can clearly capture the information.
MP3 and Linear PCM
Select from two recording formats: the versatility of Stereo MP3 for Interviews and Meetings (up to 128 kbps) or uncompressed Linear PCM format (22.05kHz) for personal notes with less compression.
Low-Cut Filter
The Low-cut Filter efficiently eliminates lower-frequency noise below 300 Hz such as air conditioners, projectors, and background chatter to allow for even clearer voice recordings.
Intelligent Auto Mode
The Intelligent Auto Mode adjusts microphone sensitivity for optimal recording quality. In large rooms, it raises sensitivity for distant speakers. In small rooms, it lowers sensitivity to prevent close speakers from sounding too loud. Select “Auto” in the menu to activate this feature and achieve consistent, high-quality recordings.
Long Battery Life
Offering up to 110 recording hours battery life, on just two AAA alkaline batteries.
Built-in USB Connection
Effortlessly and conveniently save your data using the built-in USB connector. Transfer your recordings from the voice recorder to an external hard drive or utilize it as a USB drive to share your documents with ease.
Simple Mode
With two different display modes, you can use your WS recorder even if you are a beginner.
Simple Mode displays only essential information in a large font and limits the menu options to frequently-used functions.
For advanced users, full functionality of menu options is available in Normal Mode.
Scene Select
With its built-in Scene Modes, your WS-882 digital voice recorder will automatically adjust settings for the best results in different scenarios. Including Dictation, Meetings, Conferences and Telephone Recording.
Expressive HDR
With its simple button layout, clear 1.6 Inch Screen and front speaker, the WS series could not be easier to use. A built-in stand on the back makes desktop use even easier helping to reduce surface noise and keeps your recordings perfectly clear.
Calendar Search
Your saved recordings are automatically marked with the date and displayed in a calendar format. Because the files are displayed in this format, you can easily find the file you are looking for by the date it was recorded.
Voice Balancer
Voice Balancer automatically balances the volume levels during playback, making quieter voices clearer and controlling the volume of louder ones. It can even standardize the levels of multiple voice recordings, such as those from multiple speakers in meetings or conferences. Furthermore, it enhances the playback of recorded voices by removing lower and higher frequency sounds.
The Shadowing Function, which is beneficial for foreign language learning, involves repeating both the voice and silent playback. Students can improve their listening and speaking skills by repeating spoken phrases, a proven language learning method. The voice sections that follow the model can be adjusted to play silently, at a low volume, or at a slower speed.
Voice Playback
This function adjusts the pitch to a more audible tone, making it less tiring to listen repeatedly to content such as language study. Additionally, it can make learning more efficient by adjusting playback speed at the same time as it adjusts the pitch.
Slow / Fast Playback
Playback speed can be adjusted from half speed to two-times faster. Listen back at your own pace, especially useful for make notes from class or leaning languages.
Noise Cancellation
For clearer playback in noisy environments. The Noise Cancel function powerfully reduces unwanted ambient sounds for crisper, clearer playback quality.
For quite recordings, Normalization can be selected to increase the audio volume while maintaining quality and avoiding distortion. Even dialog that is hard to understand or spoken at low volumes can be processed in the recorder itself the need for additional PC software, and can be saved as a file with volume levels that are easy to hear.
Help with staying organised. With Five folders for Audio recording, one for music and one for saved podcasts. Up to 400 files can be added to each
Package contents:
WS-882 Digital Voice Recorder
2 x AAA Alkaline Batteries
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in


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