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Olympus DS-3500 Digital Recorder for Dictation

The DS-3500 has been replaced by the DS-9000! Click here to learn more about the latest Olympus digital recorder!

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The DS-3500 has been replaced by the DS-9000! Click here to learn more about the latest Olympus digital recorder!

From the office to the field, the Olympus DS-3500 Professional Dictation Digital Voice Recorder is a perfect choice for almost any professional who requires the benefits of a digital voice recorder and professional dictation device. You can record using DSS, DS2 (DSS Pro), PCM (WAV) and MP3 formats. The DS-3500 features the Olympus Dictation Management System and supports Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking as well. For added safety, the DS-3500 is equipped with device password protection and DSS Pro real-time 128- or 256-bit file encryption, which makes the recorder ideal for work environments that deal with sensitive information. The DS-3500 supports both SD and microSD card expansion up to 32GB. Plus, it features a redesigned, speech-optimized microphone. There’s a USB interface for data transfers and a D23 300mW speaker as well. The integrated lithium-ion battery allows you to record up to 26 hours without recharging. For added convenience, the DS-3500 is equipped with a multi-language, two-inch color LCD screen. Plus, Olympus designed the DS-3500 with intuitive controls for simple and easy operation.

Developed for professionals who require secure, reliable, flexible products that are simple and intuitive to use. The improved controls on the DS-3500, color LCD screen, security and enhanced battery life mark a new industry standard in professional dictation.

  • The DS-3500 is unique in that it caters to both the professional dictation environment and the lecture and conference recording environment. Apart from using the DSS and DSS Pro formats, the DS-3500 can also record in PCM and MP3 file formats. These formats are perfect for situations where there are multiple speakers at varying ranges from the microphone. When paired with the Olympus ME30W conference recording microphones, the system delivers superior audio quality.
  • Enhanced operability: Improved large color display with LED backlight to easily view information at a glance. New superior microphone provides optimal dictation and lecture recording results. The DS-3500 is capable of recording in high-quality stereo formats and is equally excellent for dictation recording.
  • Dual memory support (SD and MicroSD), rechargeable batteries, centralized navigation buttons for easy data input, and simple operation are just some of the features that make the DS-3500 easy to set up, configure and use.
  • New ODMS software allows users to play, edit, and manage dictations to improve efficiency and increase productivity. The software provides a robust set of tools for authors and typists, as well as full integration with Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. The software can be centrally managed to ensure that important dictations can always be accounted for and are delivered to the right location every time.
  • No matter how hard you work you can rest assured that your equipment will provide long lasting comfort and superior automation all the way. The Olympus DS-3500 is designed to meet the needs of professionals that require the highest quality dictation and a unique recorder that can capture meetings, conferences and interviews with high-quality audio.
  • The Olympus DS-3500 is packaged with rechargeable batteries and supports both micro-SD and SD media cards. The new larger microphone is located in an independent chamber to help cancel out background noise from vibration or movement. The DS-3500 is capable of recording in PCM, MP3, DSS, and DS2 or DSS Pro formats.
  • The rechargeable batteries offer up to 21 hours of operation and record times of up 300 hours with its built-in storage. The 6500 color LCD display ensures that the information on screen is clear and easy to read. Operating system compatibility includes Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Apple OSX.
  • Full flexibility to manage dictation files from multiple users or locations is available in one streamlined application. The software’s user interface is simple and intuitive. Keeping on track has never been easier; dictation files can be sorted by the author, work type, priority, and much more.
  • The DS 3500 can be configured to fit any purpose. The long-lasting battery, multiple recording formats, support for up to 10 authors and 20 work types ensures that the DS 3500 is as flexible as it is reliable.
  • Security is a key concern for any organization. For this reason the DS 3500 supports 256 bit real-time encryption to prevent unauthorized access to the device and dictation files.
  • Olympus System R6 (ODMS R6) is a dictation system that supports assignments of various sizes, from individual users to multiple users. It can be used to capture audio data of highly compressed files with an Olympus recorder and allows for real-time playback, plus visual indicators for work types, priority marks and instructions.Enhanced compatibility with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Supports automatic transcription files when paired with speech recognition software for third-party playback and correction. 5 star rated accuracy as the audio input is superb. This major advancement adds a new layer of professional automation in its arsenal of high-tech document creation.
  • The included software can be centrally managed to ensure that dictations can always be accounted for and are delivered to the right location every time. Administrator settings can be configured as a standalone system or as a workgroup.
  • Supports MicroSD and SD media and DSS, DS2, MP3, PCM file formats.
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7 reviews for Olympus DS-3500 Digital Recorder for Dictation

  1. James

    delighted with our purchase

    We have been delighted with our purchase. It was easy to set up, it is easy to use, and our legal assistants really like it. There are plenty of options but one does not have to navigate thru a lot of clutter if you just want the basics. Moreover, the process of purchase and set up could not have been better. Everyone was very pleasant, helpful and informative. As you can tell, I am really happy with our decision to purchase what we did through your company. We have NO complaints.

  2. Justice Court Administration

    valued customer service

    I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I valued the customer service that Recorders.com provided. Support was very patient and supplied me with needed links for manual downloads. Greatly appreciated.

    G. Hernandez

  3. Dan

    Great sound

    It took me a bit to figure it out after moving from my phone recorder but I am able to use it on site to record interviews in noisy places, record my notes and surprised how good the sound is, very easy for the office to hear and playback. Good purchase and great friendly staff. I will be back. thx

  4. Joe T

    Does not offer out of box security

    I work on a security team at a large bank and require a recording device that offers security.
    I’d selected this product because it records in mp3 and wav format and seemed to be a device that would work out of the box w/o having to install additional software.
    Upon receiving device, found that in order to enable the password, encryption, and to playback encyrpted files you need to install the vendor software.
    Further research suggests all secure recording devices require vendor software, which if you work in a large lockeddown environment creates administrative headaches delivering, maintaining, and supporting the app.
    Would be nice if these recording devices had native security features, as well as mp3/wav, since DSS file format either requires a codec update or vendor software install as well.

  5. Linda (verified owner)

    Good Buy!!!

    The Olympus DS-3500 is a user friendly recorder. Easy to use and the price is a very good value.

  6. J. Opella


    The TP-8 was an exceptional add-on to my Olympus DS-3500 dictation recorder. Now I take meetings, dictations, and conversations with one device. The TP8 requires no phone setup, the small ear bud microphone sits comfortably in my ear to record everything I am hearing. The recorders support team setup my device to segment my files based on the categories that invoke our in house documentation process for templates, priority and transmittal.

    This is by far our most intuitive solution for capturing data that leads to intelligent documentation.


  7. Janet (verified owner)

    Purchase of 2 DS-3500 recorders

    So far, we are pleased with the purchase of these recorders. Olympus did change the operating system a bit so we did have to adjust some of our platform, but all in all, these recorders are worth it.

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