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Philips LFH3000 SpeechMike Air


Philips LFH3000 SpeechMike Air

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Cut the cord!  This SpeechMike product brings the same professional quality microphone you’d expect from Philips, but with up to 33 feet of freedom from the AirPort docking station using Bluetooth technology.  Prefer the classic slide switch design?  Check out the LFH-3010 model.

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The Philips SpeechMike is Now Wireless!

Philips SpeechMike is now wireless! The robust device delivers to professionals the personal freedom to dictate without the restraints of a cord. Philips had engineered and implemented an intelligent design to ensure that security is not compromised, while providing comfort with refined ergonomics for prolonged use. True compatibility with Dragon Medical and Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, the SpeechMike Air has programmable buttons that are customizable to accommodate user preferences.

The Wireless SpeechMike Air is finally here! And wireless is not the only improvement;
it is better than ever in so many ways!

  • Mobility – wireless range of up to 33 feet
  • Easier to Use
  • Better recording quality
  • Ready to use – pre-installed default settings integrate with speech recognition software
  • Customizable – ability to assign specific functions to programmable buttons improving workflow
  • Secure – encrypted and bug-proof data transfer

The SpeechMike Air 3000 was designed around users accustomed to push-button functionality.

Superb Record Quality
Excellent recording quality on a secure wireless connection makes this the perfect microphone for doctors, lawyers and professionals concerned about security.

Secure Wireless
The receiver module communicates with a paired SpeechMike Air, building a secure bridge between the microphone and the PC. HIPAA supportive

Three programmable function buttons on the SpeechMike Air 3000 makes the device even more flexible for customization.

Charging Base
The base holds the receiver module, charges the SpeechMike Air and keeps it out of harms way when not in use.
Geared for Speech-Recognition Use
Excellent sound quality coupled with superb integration with speech-recognition software makes this a wireless solution for professionals.
Ergonomic, Customizable Button-Based Dictation
Layout of buttons on device provide ease of use and comfort. Three programmable function buttons on the SpeechMike Air 3000 makes the device even more flexible for customization.
Secure Wireless Range of up to 33 feet
The receiver module communicates securely with a paired SpeechMike Air. It works only with paired device, and does not interfere with other devices.
The SpeechMike Air 3000 or the SpeechMike Air 3010?
The same quality; same functionality. But do you prefer push-button or slide-switch Pick the one that works best for you!


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Weight 4 lbs

2 reviews for Philips LFH3000 SpeechMike Air

  1. Timothy Johnson

    power problems

    These microphones have great accuracy over the stock units that come with Dragon Medical.

  2. C. Evans, MD

    Works well with Nuance

    A big improvement over the headset that comes with Dragon Medical.

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