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Olympus RecMic DR-2200

$379.00 $279.00


Olympus RecMic DR-2200

$379.00 $279.00

The perfect USB microphone to capture your voice at your desk and to control your software application with one hand. This makes classic dictation and speech recognition as comfortable as never before.

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Makes classic dictation and speech recognition as comfortable as never before

The perfect Slide Switch USB microphone to capture your voice at your desk and to control your software application with one hand.

The RecMic series is an advanced line of direct audio recording systems with a USB microphone designed for professionals, especially in medical, legal and many other industries. Decades of experience in developing such recording hardware resulted in a holistic development approach that always considers the dependencies between the device, the software and the user – for unrivalled usability. RecMic also excels in terms of durability and ergonomic design, excellent audio quality and seamless integration into various specialised third-party software (for instance the speech recognition software Dragon NaturallySpeaking

High-quality microphone system

All RecMic devices are equipped with a low-noise directional microphone that has been meticulously engineered to deliver the highest possible audio quality for dictation and voice recognition. It reduces undesired background noises with high signal-to-noise ratio, and adopts a windscreen to reduce breath noise and shock absorbers to reduce friction noise during operation – thus guaranteeing ultra-clear dictation recordings.

Reliable slide switch

In line with the overall ergonomic design of RecMic devices envisaged for comfortable one-handed operation over prolonged periods of time, the dedicated slide switch* has a durable rubber roller mechanism for smooth operation using just one thumb. As well as being reliable and intuitive to use, it also reduces the risk of inadvertently pressing buttons, as well as reducing operational noise – for enhanced sound quality.

Laser trackball for mouse control

Also highly conducive for one-handed operation and ease of use over long periods, the laser trackball* incorporates a smooth surface, a high-precision laser and large diameter to improve accuracy and deliver consistent PC navigation. It employs a high-molecular-weight polyethylene film that is extremely resistant to abrasion – for optimised lubricity and smooth operability without operational noise that could otherwise detract from recording sound quality.

Programmable buttons for customised workflow

The RecMic series features five buttons – F1 to F4 on the front, and one on the back – that can be freely assigned to various functions to suit a particular preference or recording environment. This tactile control enables one-handed usage without having to look at the device itself – making it make more suitable and comfortable for professional operation than any touchscreen-controlled input device.

Olympus RecMic Direct Recording Features

  • Real-time recording and transcription using speech recognition software
  • Easily integrated with existing software, applications and workflows
  • Configurable controls and functions, system-wide or for individual users
  • Professional microphones guarantee ultra-clear voice data entry
  • Awarded the highest level Dragon score (6) from Nuance


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