Personalized Training Bundle and Support Services | Personalized Training Bundle and Support Services

$399.00 Personalized Training Bundle and Support Services


A transition to Digital Dictation & Speech Processing can be challenging, and not everyone has their own tech support team.  In addition to one year of on call support, this package provides three dedicated hours of custom installation and training to ensure you see the results from your investment.

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You don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Sometimes a transition to digital dictation and speech recognition technology can be tough.  Without a dedicated technical team, it can be a major challenge to get up and running. is an Elite Certified Partner, and our goal is to make your purchase work for you. We realize not everyone has IT resources on site and/or access to support experts!  We’ve got dedicated staff with specialized experience in the various Olympus, Philips, and Nuance Dragon solutions, who can provide dedicated, customized training necessary for you to be highly productive out of the box.

With this package, you receive three hours of dedicated attention from a product specialist and one year of on call service when you need it.  This kind of bundle ensures you spend the time figuring out how your purchase integrates with your business workflow, so you can really optimize your daily routine, saving your hundreds of hours in the long run.


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