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Olympus Rechargeable Battery LI-42B

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Olympus Rechargeable Battery LI-42B

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$44.95 $39.95

Time to give that Olympus DS-7000 or DS-3500 series recorder some new life?  This is the replacement battery you need!

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The Olympus lithium ion battery offers amazing battery efficiency to extend recording time up to 21 hours. Over time, the rechargeable battery may gradually wear down. When the operating time becomes shorter a new rechargeable battery pack is required. The LI-42B lithium ion rechargeable batteries is the replacement battery for the DS-7000, DS-3500 and DS-7000IT digital voice recorders, allowing you to charge the batteries once you connect the USB CR-15 docking station to a PC or a Mac. For greater convenience, the docking station can also be paired with the Olympus A517 AC Adapter if you prefer to recharge your digital recorder from an AC outlet and not be tethered to a pc.

Tips for charging directly via USB docking station: after loading the battery into the recorder, you can charge it by docking your recorder in the USB cradle and then connect the cradle to the pc or MAC. Charge the battery frequently during the first period of use. The battery will perform better after several charge/discharge cycles. Do not set or remove the recorder from the docking station while operating. Do not charge the recorder through USB hub. Do not attach or remove the battery if the USB cable is connected.

The battery is exclusively for use with the Olympus compatible voice recorders. Do not use in combination with other electronic equipment.

1 review for Olympus Rechargeable Battery LI-42B

  1. Sherrill

    Works great

    good equipment, good shipment.

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