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Dragon Professional Individual 15


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Dragon Professional Individual 15


The latest Dragon speech recognition for professionals provides a massive productivity boost by enabling the creation and editing of documents, emails, and much more with the power of your voice.  We also have specialized solutions for medical and legal industries!

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Leverage Dragon Professional speech recognition to get things done with the speed of your voice!

Now with Deep Learning technology and adaptation techniques, this software continuously adjust to your voice even if you have an accent or if you’re in an environment where there are slight background noises.

Dragon not only lets you dictate up to three times faster than typing, but it also allows you to make edits and apply formatting using your voice with up to 99% accuracy. You can select text and apply formatting such as bold, underline, capitals and more, or just speak to make needed changes. Smart Format Rules automatically adapt to how you want abbreviations, dates, phone numbers, and more to appear, so you don’t have to correct them every time.

Dragon Professional also supports Nuance approved digital voice recorders and smart phones for advanced recording functionality and can automatically transcribe the audio files to text back at your PC.

What’s New in Dragon Professional v15

  • Improved Performance and Accuracy — each release of Dragon Professional increases the responsiveness and accuracy of the speech recognition engine.  New deep learning technology allows the software to skip an extensive training session and be even more accurate out of the box
  • Formatting and Editing More Powerful — formatting text or quickly editing it has become even easier than before; using natural speech the software can quickly respond with expected formatting such as “quarter of five” → “4:45”, or  “John dot Smith at Nuance dot com” → [email protected]
  • Optimized for Touchscreens — now optimized for popular form factors such as portable touchscreen PCs so you can experience new levels of documentation productivity on the go, supporting hybrid touch and keyboard interaction modes
  • Sync with Dragon Anywhere App — if you own this iOS/Android based app, you can sync your work between devices
  • Updated web and business application support — Dragon empowers you to work even more quickly and accurately by voice with support for Enhanced Dictation within the latest business applications, including web solutions like Skype for Business
  • Newly designed installer — enables much faster setup and configuration, no more hassle to get up and running
  • Improved Help system — the system guides your usage based on your activities so you can maximize the power of Dragon, and a bigger online help system provides a massive database of tutorials and troubleshooting solutions.

Need a solution that understands complex medical terms or integrates with your EMR?  Try Dragon Medical Practice Edition!

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