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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 with Powermic III


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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 with Powermic III


This version of Dragon is no longer available. The latest solution is Dragon Medical One, click here to learn more.

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This item is no longer available. The new version is the cloud solution Dragon Medical One!


Join 500,000 medical professionals worldwide with the most accurate speech recognition system available.  Designed specifically for the complex language of the medical industry, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 integrates with nearly all EMR/EHR systems, enabling users to point, click, and capture notes at up to 160 words/minute (4-5x faster than average keyboard input).  Purchase from recorders.com, and our team is here to provide lifetime support!

This version includes the Nuance Powermic III USB microphone, designed for Dragon Medical software.  This provides studio quality audio for less errors, and easier, handheld controls for integrated software functionality.


Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 New Feature Highlights

  • Faster and More Accurate! DMPE 4 is 14% faster than the previous version, and 99% accurate out of the box with NO training.  The new deep learning technology using neural networks and acoustic modeling enables the speech recognition system to do more than simply interpret and type each word, it actually analyzes entire phrases and sentences to ensure the most accurate output.  From there it only improves as the software continues to learn your speech in real time, adjusting to temporary illness, unique patterns and accents, and more
  • Improved EMR/EHR Integration! Now with even more support, including cloud based solutions, physicians who use Dragon Medical Practice Edition v4 drastically reduce the time required to capture notes within their medical records system.  Simply point and click in the patient record, then dictate in your own words, up to 160 per minute!  Create robust, meaningful notes that truly capture the patient encounter, rather than the “cookie-cutter” templates
  • Better Support for Touchscreen Devices! If you are a user of a Windows 10 touchscreen laptop, Microsoft Surface, or similar devices, you will find touch functionality to be seamless on version 4
  • Newly Designed DragonBar! With improved usability over previous versions, the DragonBar provides easy access to popular features. When not in use, the DragonBar automatically collapses, freeing screen space
  • Faster, Improved Installation! New owners will find the setup simple and intuitive, easier dynamic microphone adjustment, and previous owners will enjoy a quick profile migration

See how Dragon Medical Practice Edition transformed medicine for this doctor.


Additional Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Features

  • Better Support for over 90 medical specialties and subspecialties: More medical terms added to the vocabulary databases
  • Better Regional Accent Support:  Dragon technology continues to improve its support of acoustic language models; everything from southern ‘twangs’, Spanish, Pakistani, Indian, Asian, Australian, Canadian or more
  • HIPAA Support: Dragon Medical Practice Edition protects sensitive and confidential patient information via encrypted file storage of speech files, which satisfies HIPAA privacy & confidentiality guidelines
  • Enhanced in-app Help: Dragon help continues to improve so the most relevant tips are provided to you depending on which features you are using
  • Medical Templates: Dragon Medical Practice Edition includes dozens of medical templates, which allows users to get up and running quicker for their unique needs
  • Medical Specific Formatting: The software has an option to automatically format medical abbreviations, follow capitalization rules, acronyms, dates, times and units of measure, which means Less Editing
  • Microphone & System Alerts: Generally, speech recognition issues are a result of poor audio quality caused by faulty microphones or improper use of a microphone, ambient noises, and battery issues. Dragon Medical Practice Edition will automatically detect poor audio input; then alert the user and offers user’s possible solutions to correct the issue
  • Bluetooth Support: Use Dragon Medical Practice Edition with your favorite Bluetooth headset

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