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Olympus E99 Transcribing Headset

$19.99 $17.95

Olympus E99 Transcribing Headset
Olympus E99 Transcribing Headset-368

Olympus E99 Transcribing Headset

$19.99 $17.95

The E99 Headset is perfect for use with Olympus transcribing machines
Lightweight, comfortable design
Features a 3.5-millimeter jack
Plug adapter may be required when used with handheld recorders

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Telephone Recording Device TP-8 Features

The Olympus E-99 Transcribing Headset is perfect for use with a transcribing machine. The E-99 is a standard accessory included with all Olympus transcribers and is the perfect replacement for any worn out headset. This lightweight, comfortable headset also works well with other manufacturers transcribers. It features a 3.5-millimeter jack that fits most desktop transcription machines, but the headset may require a plug adapter when used with handheld recorders.

Note: A headphone that’s perfect for use with a transcribing machine, the E-99 is standard equipment inside all Olympus transcribers.

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Weight 1.6 lbs


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