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Olympus RS-27 Foot Pedal

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Olympus RS-27 Foot Pedal

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$69.99 $59.00

Olymus RS-27 Foot Pedal is offered as a replacement footswitch for the one supplied with the AS-2400 series, AS-4000 series, or AS-5000 series Transcription kits.

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Olympus RS-27 footswitch Control playback, FF and REW without taking your fingers off of the keyboard!

Please note the RS-27 does not come with DSS software required to utilize this footswitch. If you need DSS software with footswitch functionality we recommend you purchase a PC Transcription Kit:

AS-2400 PC Transcription Kit
AS-4000 PRO PC Transcription Kit
AS-5000 PRO PC Transcription Kit
AS-7000  PRO PC Transcription Kit


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3 reviews for Olympus RS-27 Foot Pedal

  1. Renee

    Great Company

    Thank you for helping select the product. Arrived today.

  2. A. Gimes

    Great option

    Working the DS-7000 digital recorder the foot pedal was a fast way for me to operate the record functions in courtroom setting. I have used the dm620 with dragon professional to create transcripts in the past. I still use the dm620 as a backup recorder, but for now the ds7000 offers more control for recording and easier direct transcription. I appreciate the loyalty discounts, the help make keeping with the best equipment for my profession much less painful.

  3. Megan


    Great to use a pc foot pedal with the olympus software. Everything works so well in displaying the files and work precisely. The foot pedals are very comfortable and we can change the playback speeds for harder dictations. I have used the old school transcribers and really love the pc foot pedal for keeping track of everything in one software screen,

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